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Real estate agent in Kenya

What you need to know before you engage a real estate agent.

For 7 years as a real estate agent in Kenya, I have dedicated my life to helping clients buy homes and vacant pieces of land. In my profession, I have noted with great concern some of the pitfalls that most clients fall into especially when they are assisted by fake “real estate agents.”
Information is the key thing when buying or selling properties and many clients rely on the information provided by the real estate agents before buying properties. Its distressing to imagine what would happen when one receives incorrect information from fake real estate agents who are only concerned with the commission they are paid. Such agents do not value the dream a client is about to acquire. Irrespective of one being the seller or buyer here are some things one needs to put into consideration before choosing a real estate agent.
Let the agent provide the list of clients he has dealt with, normally, one would know about the agent’s past experience through the contracts he has handled previously. This is important because it clearly shows how long he has been in business and how many properties he has sold. As the seller/vendor, you need to understand his selling methods; do you want an agent who calls you once a week or e-mails daily? A good agent should keep you updated on prospects and inform them about your property, this way you are able to have a clear picture of how long it will take before your property gets sold.
‘Fake agents’ are not concerned with helping clients sell their property at a relative market price. They tend to lower the property’s price for it to sell as quickly as possible. Others put the price much higher hoping to sell it above the market price and make a huge commission. Such kind of agents should be avoided like a plague; they are ravenous and will stop selling your property as soon as they don’t feel like. Most buyers start their search on the internet, and you want an agent who uses that tool effectively. Check out agents listings online, places to look include the agency’s own website which has more information about all the properties they have sold and are selling.
Always ask for their business permit. Normally in Kenya, the government will issue a working permit for real estate agents, this permit provides for serious measures to be taken against the agent should he/she contravene or go against the set standards by the lands board. It is important to know if the agent has past issues with other clients or with the government, normally one can find this from the websites or from past clients the agent has handled.
I hope this article helps you find a good real estate agent, in Kenya. provides some good real estate agents that are well trained and with a high level of integrity.

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